Last weekend I finished the script. The plot is ironed out. There’s a solid 3-act structure and characters go through change – everything a dramatic film needs, right? The script took longer than I originally anticipated, in part because somewhere along the line I decided to make it 22 minutes, versus eight. then realized I would never finish a 22 minute 2D animation film this year, so I cut it in half, reworked a major chunk of the plot, eliminated a few characters (sorry Huntsman but you really were just a nuisance) and in the end came in with a much tighter script.

Next up is the storyboard and animatic. I look to Ryan Woodward for setting the bar for how my animatic should turn out. It’s actually pretty amazing how much a film can come to life with still drawings animated in After Effects with a soundtrack and scratch track for the audio. And with  any form of animation, 2D or 3D, in comparison to live-action, the more you pre-plan the better.

While I don’t want to give away the film until it’s released, I plan to post a segment of the animatic with some tutorials once I get the animatic under my belt. Look for that to come sometime near the end of March.

Until then back to the drawing board.