One thing that’s a lot of fun when undertaking a big project like an animated film, is the chance to research details that enhance the story, that you might known when starting out. The Marakov is a Soviet-made 9mm pistol, that was standard issue side-arm for the military, up until 1991. The version I feature in my film is a modified version, used by the KGB, with a suppressor. Beside just the aesthetics of having a bigger gun, I was able to tie this into Kiska’s back story – her father had worked for the KGB, before the disaster. There are a couple of details that will be carried into the animation, that this modified version has. One, is that the standard kick-back is not a feature, which is why the barrel on this version is bigger overall. I’m not entirely familiar with the details, but the recoil actually has to take place within the barrel.

The model was created in Blender 3D and the rendering features the Freestyle branch which will be used in the final production of the film for toon-style edges and shading.

There should be a lot more posts in the coming days as I finally have every project that took time away from this one, complete.