After finishing the Marakov model, I had the 3D element I needed to then animate this short 6 second segment. This segment was a chance to test the full production pipeline, and to ensure I had the tools (software, skills, etc) to pull it off. The video above is the result. After completing this test, I’m quite confident that in shots where it’s critical that the character touch, hold, grab, or otherwise interact with 3D elements, that it’s best to lead with the 3D. It provides a nice guide for timing and still retains the “anime” style look that sells the story.The 3D elements were modeled and rendered in Blender 2.6 Freestyle. The 2D elements were hand-drawn in ToonBoom Animate (although any 2D drawing program could have been used with less efficiency), and then everything was composited in After Effects. With this test successfully out of the way, it’s on to full-fledged production schedule.