I just finished the first 00:03:17:00 of animation for the film, making this part of the process about 15% complete, and putting me on track to being finished by July 2012. I feel pretty good, considering that in 2011 I spent most of the year messing around with the script and storyboard, and trying to figure out 3D and how to use it in the film. Which brings me to the first lesson for those wanting to create their own film. Resolution number 1 for 2012 – Don’t force 3D.

The truth about using 3D in film production is that it’s expensive, and unless your style calls for it, or the benefits outweigh the time necessary to create the shot in 3D, it’s better to fake it. This is something I’ve finally discovered after hours and hours of trying to get things to work in 3D, but finding that it just didn’t look right. And part of the challenge as a solo filmmaker is getting through a huge number of shots with limited resources. In this case, if you can create the unique shot in 3 hours (but it would take 20 or 30 hours to actually model, texture, light, render, etc) it’s better to just get it done and move on. You can’t waste time.

With that said, onto New Years resolutions and what can be expected from this film production in 2012. Below are a couple of milestones that serve as target dates for the film.

  1. Animation Production Complete : July 2012
  2. Official Trailer Released : August 2012
  3. Final Voices and Lip Sync : October 2012
  4. Film Complete : December 12, 2012