Originally I’d hoped to reuse a lot of the earlier shots that I’d done for the Lil’ Red Kap film. Now that I’m getting into the project again and learning that my Blender skills are greatly improved from where they were back in 2011 when I first started this project, I can see ways to make each shot work better – and feel more polished. Lesson #1 – sometimes it just takes time.

This shot is an example. When I first created this shot – I just needed to get started. I sort of knew that I wasn’t getting it perfect, but rather than belabor the scene, I threw it together. It’s always bugged me though, and now, I think it looks a lot more polished and professional. one of the biggest stumbling blocks I had early on was understanding UV textures, and how to create them. If you’re just starting out – get past this hurdle as fast as possible and your work will greatly improve.

This makes use of a variety of Blender features, but most notably, is the Cycles render engine, and the use of HDR images – something that wasn’t part of the software release back in 2011.